Who We Are

Even though I’m pretty sure that the people that find this website are hoping to find ideas on building an actual tree house, there is a tree house involved in our beginnings.

I am a dreamer and in 2012 I thought it would be a great idea to teach school in a tree house. I had a small one at my disposal and I was pretty sure kids were going to love it! I got busy with life and started creating resources for my teaching job and took on the name “Tree House Spanish” even though I wasn’t yet teaching IN the tree house.

Time passes, my interests increase and diversify, and I love sharing what I learn and create. I am primarily an idea-generator. Not many of my ideas make it all the way to maturity in the form of a product. But I kept the Tree House name and am using this website as a place to collect my thoughts and build on them. I hope they are useful to others!

Join me in the tree house!