Making Asynchronous Feedback Meaningful

Use “Suggesting” Mode

When viewing a Google Doc, simply click on the mode to change it to “suggesting.” Students can see the edits you make and decide to keep them or not.

Make Comments

Google comments are helpful because you can highlight exactly the part that you want to draw attention to and write a comment on it. Students will receive an email about your comment and can reply to you. This is a great way to keep a dialogue going and promote another learning experience.

Link Out to Video Tutorials

I use the Loom extension on Google Chrome to make videos. I love Loom because I can capture my webcam feed and my screen at the same time, which feels more personal. Loom provides me with a link (and also HTML embed code) that I can send on to students (or embed in my emails, course, or website!). I can see how many times the video is viewed.

Use a Text Expander

There are always comments that I end up making over and over as I grade student essays and projects. Now I use a text expander called ProKeys, another Google Chrome Extension.

Now I type my most frequent comments ONCE in Prokeys, giving it a shortened name a I can remember. When I use the shortened name and the “hotkey” combination and ProKey fills in the longer comment for me! Here is a great tutorial that will walk you through from start to finish. It is really fast and saves a lot of time!

There are many other text expander extensions and they all work a little differently. If ProKeys doesn’t work effectively on your platform, try a different one. I ended up with ProKeys because it was the first text expander I found that also worked in Google Docs, Google Doc comments, and our third party platform.

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