I have had the pleasure of exploring a free demo account at recently. What a fun tool to use as a teaching resource and to encourage students to use to express themselves. also looks amazing but I will have to write about that in a different post! 

I tried my hand at creating a “lesson plan” using Lucidchart (it’s not so much an entire one-day plan, but something I would do each time my class would read a new scene from Hamlet.)

There are a lot of characters in Shakespeare’s plays and there are often complex relationships that unfold between characters.  Keeping a characterization/relationship chart helps keep everyone from getting lost!  

Here is one sample of a chart in progress.  However, I like to encourage students to think of ways to chart that are meaningful to them.  A color code?  Shapes?  Symbols?  different types of lines to represent different relationships?  Actions?  



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